Heights Of Need

Living in a materialistic world
I add to the queue.
With every new commodity
People who can resist, are few.

For every minor loss
I need a replacement.
Forgotten the meaning of satisfaction
“Want more! Want more!” is the proclaimed statement.

But, this isn’t the sad part
What about the feelings?
Where lusting is still a foe.

At the times of emotional splurge
There is an urge to talk.
Why can’t it be handled?
Issues are in stock.

A little thing doesn’t affect much
It is the unison of ALL that avalanches.
“Smile, Smile” is what the head says
For optimism is left in traces.

They say who laugh on silly things
Are unhappy on the inside.
The one who made such assumptions
Must have had a depressing life.

Novelty intrigues me
Gives scope foe learning something new.
Make sure to talk to every individual
People have more to offer than one can chew.

Probably, I’ll frown my face permanently
Because, ‘over thinking’ has an allure.
It’s a part of my identity now
And i guess, there is room for more.

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