Men and their humour! =D

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The @MensHumor Twitter Feed has over 2 million followers.

Sup, brahs! Just the bros here from Men’s Humor, bringing the best in Humor for Men, am I right?

Speaking of which: Boobs. Boom! Boobs! See that right there?

Like, sorry, but I’m just spitting the truth here. It’s not like what I’m saying is the basest stupidity that appeals to the lowest common denominator, alright? I’m just here drinking beers and having a good time! And Mondays suck! Am I right!? Or am I right?! #Realtalk.

Bitches are stupid though, right?! I mean, we love women. Men love women…to have sex with! (Just kidding, ladies! You’re the best!) But seriously, bitches can be so stupid. Like, stop pretending you don’t want to have sex with all of us! #Truth.

But seriously what’s with girls putting guys in the friend zone?! How dumb is that?! Like, get out of the friend…

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